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From the Secondary School Principalís Desk

From the Secondary School Principalís Desk

Sharmila Umesh

 "A new Beginning"

Sharada Mandir School has gained a reputation not only in Goa but worldwide that it is an institution that delivers consistently good results and outstanding students in sports and extra curricular activities. The Management has constantly been a guiding force in this endeavor.

As the new Principal of the school, I wish to raise the bar even higher and my emphasis would be on discipline, improved teaching methods and a close co-ordination with the Management, Staff, Students and Parents.

I have taken over this new position from 1st Aug 2011 and will remain open to all the stakeholders for any discussion on making the school an enriching experience for all the students. Every student leaving the corridors of our school will leave with a pride that they have been students of Sharada Mandir School and will be ambassadors of our teaching methods.

I am sure to receive the backing of the Management, the staff  and the Parents in making this model work.

Sharmila Umesh

Principal, Secondary School


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