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Walking on a Balance

Walking on a ‘Balance Beam'- a skill that requires balancing while moving 

Language development:

A thorough base in letter formation, which is fundamental to a child's language development, is emphasised. Reading and writing skills of the child are strengthened with the help of dictation, crossword exercises, matching rhyming words, filling missing letters and using phonic skills. Dictation is held to assess the child's sense of assimilation.


Recognition and correct formation of numbers through practical exercises is imparted to the child. The child is taught to understand the value concept, sequence of missing numbers, comparison of values, learning number spellings, order of the numbers, addition and subtraction.

Knowledge development: The pupil's sense of observation, understanding and implementing skills are updated through general knowledge, value education, story telling singing and recitation.

Activities conducted in kindergarten:

Art and Craft activities 

The overall development of the child's personality is achieved through activities like organized indoor/outdoor games, singing, dancing, dramatics, art and craft, public speaking and assemblies which are held. Formal learning for the pupil includes reading through phonetics, cursive writing, understanding various number concepts till 50 in a play way method using educational equipment. Social skills are inculcated throughout the year to ensure that the child is ready and set for the junior school.

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